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A self motivated Undergraduate student looking for Full-time opportunities in the field of Data Science.



Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with minor in Mathematics (GPA - 3.47)

The University of Texas at Arlington

Relevant Classwork: OS , Data Structures and Algorithms , Software Engineering , Machine Learning, Software Project Management , Artificial Intelligence , Multivariate Statistics , Object Oriented Programming, Database Systems and File Structures , Computational Methods , Data Mining , Computer Networks


May 2019 - July 2019

Software Engineering Intern

Oasys Cybernetics Pvt Ltd

Developed scalable real-time finance analysis end to end platform. Implemented OpenID connect with GraphQL for efficienthigh volume queries.

Established data pipeline using Amazon Kenisis, Firehose and S3.

Followed Oasys software engineering standards, applicable software development methodology and release processes, to ensure code is maintainable, scalable , supportable and demo the software products to stakeholders.

Jan 2018 - May 2019

Undergraduate Research Assistant

University of Texas at Arlington

Implemented and Tested different cache replacement algorithms (LRU, LFU, ARC, LIRS).

Calculated HIT and MISS ratio for the replacement algorithms. And Tested the algorithms on different data with different cache sizes.

Used GNUPlot to compare the results and presented the findings in weekly meetings. More detail is available on http://xszhao.science/labweb/index.html

Sept 2017 - May 2020

Supplement Instruction Mentor

University of Texas at Arlington

Assisted a group of Supplemental Instructors (SI) in administrative protocols and procedures.

Conducted weekly meetings to help with SI-faculty and SI-student relationship, Organized and gave speeches about product marketing and smart goal settings in accordance with SI job description.

Understanding behavioral diversity and exuberating positive leadership were crucial components in facilitating the job position.


Programming Languages





Machine Learning

ML Algorithms: Linear Regression , logistic Regression , KNN , Naive Bayes , SVM , PCA , Decision Trees , K- Means , Gaussian Mixture Model

Tools: Jupyter , Numpy , Pandas , Matplotlib , OpenCV , Seaborn , Plotly , Scikit-learn , Tensorflow , Keras


Accuracy Measures

Statistical Analysis and Modeling

knowledge of end-to-end machine learning pipeline (feature engineering, data cleaning, data visualization, model deployment and serving)

Web Services

Frontend: HTML , CSS , BootStrap , ExpressJS

Backend: NodeJS , Flask


DevOps Tools

Planning and Collaboration: JIRA , Slack

Source Code Management: git , SVN , GitHub

Continuous Integration: Jenkins , Travis CI

Testing: Chai , Mocha , Supertest

Cloud Hosting: AWS , Google Cloud Services



Pneumonia Prediction using CNN

Deep Learning Model

NBA Player classification

Machine Learning Model

University Bazaar System

Android Application

Inventory Management System

Full-stack Web Application

T-Mobile Rescue - Winner

NLP and Machine Learning
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